Monday, April 25, 2016



Drives employees                                               
Depends on authority                                         
Inspires fear                                                          
Says “I”                                                               
Places blame                                                      
Knows how it is done                                        
Uses people                                                       
Takes credit                                                        
Says “Go”                                                                                            


Coaches Employees
Depends on goodwill
Generates enthusiasm
Says "we"
Fixes the breakdown
Shows how to do it
Develops people Gives credit
Says Let's go

What side of the equation are you on?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Evolution of Loss Prevention and Security

I have been involved in the security and loss prevention arenas for longer than I can remember.  Back in the day it was manual sales checks, end to end tally's and searching hundreds of documents to build a case.  Then along came POS terminals, higher shortages and exception reporting.  I started recruiting in 1987 and it was pretty simple if a candidate knew internal and external apprehensions and paper controls he or she would be considered a good candidate.  As technology continued to evolve candidates had to be more technically proficient and influencing behavior and building relationships were the watch words of success.  Omni-channel technology has now thrown security and asset protection into the IT/IS world and Loss Prevention and Asset Protection leadership are now finding that their new partners are the CIO's of their company.  Yes, security has evolved and so have I as a recruiter.  If you are an information security analyst or senior information analyst please fell free to reach out to discuss career opportunities.