Monday, February 17, 2020

Quality versus Quantity

The recruiting industry has transitioned from newspaper ads to technology. Most recruiters and hiring managers are learning how to effectively use the new technology. However, when using the new technology many recruiters (internal and external) and hiring managers are using “Quantity” as means to attain “Quality”. It has often been said that the recruiting industry is a business of "Q's" and all four of the Q's need to be in play in order to source "A" player candidates.
The first “Q” is “Question”. You ask questions to learn about the opportunity. You then source for “Quantity” and ask “Questions” to “Qualify” the “Quantity” and that will get you to “Quality”. The savvy recruiter will always ask “Questions” in order to put the other three “Q’s” in play.
The two “Q’s” that are the hardest to master are “Questions” and “Qualify”. I will talk in more detail about them next time.

I am available to answer your “Questions!”

Lance Incitti, LPC, CCIP
RPS Search Group of NJ, LLC

Friday, January 24, 2020

Accomplishments OR Duties and Responsibilities

It is a “small world”. After several years in and around the recruiting industry, I have I have been asked all too many times, “Do I have to include all of my jobs on my resume even if I was only there for a few months?” or “How far back should I go with my resume?”  What you include on your resume is up to you as it is your advertisement.

That being said I explain that accomplishments sell while duties and responsibilities tell.  Most hiring managers in any field will generally know what a person does by title.  However, knowing what has been accomplished will give the hiring manager an idea about your successes. Success in one position generally breeds success in another.

In addition I feel that a candidate must set the example and everything that is on a resume should be true and factual.  Establishing a relationship on fiction can certainly be grounds for dismissal.
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