Monday, December 21, 2009

The snowstorm and the aftermath is gone and while it has caused a great number of airline cancellations I can only wonder about the anxiety of the people whose flights were delayed and/or cancelled. I think back to a Zig Ziglar session I listened to a number of years ago. In that session Zig tells how fantastic it was to be stuck in an airport due to a flight delay. His reasoning was that there was only three reasons why a flight would be delayed. They are the weather, the flight crew and a problem with the airplane. In the event that his delay was caused by any one of the three he was much happier staying right on the ground. During the storm I got a call from my cousin who told me his son who is a third year cadet at the Military Academy was stranded at La Guardia and was making his way to Newark airport. Could I help out. I drove to Newark airport, connected with Martin and Ruth and I have been graced with an unexpected guest for three days. As an old Army guy I have had a wonderful time learning about West Point and the life of a cadet. Who knows what great things can happen in a storm?

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