Monday, July 11, 2016

The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time. “       -  Abraham Lincoln

Can you imagine living through the Civil War period and having to contend with the problems that Lincoln had to deal with?  We are certainly experiencing some of the most difficult times in recent history but all of our issues pale in comparison to what Lincoln had to deal with.  He was right when he said the future comes one day at a time.  I spend several hours a day on the phone speaking to numerous clients and candidates and that gives me an insight into what the future may bring.

I am in my twenty third year of recruiting and I have been through four recessions and in each one of them I have seen a series of similarities related to staff reductions and recruitment of new hires.  The first thing that happens is that companies begin to reduce expense through staff reductions and reorganizations.  This certainly makes sense and the companies will ask the remaining employees to do more with less.  These lay offs and reorganizations create a large available pool of candidates and make the recruitment effort on the part of the companies easier and less costly.  As time marches on and the economy begins to recover hiring managers and recruiters begin to source from the available talent pool and in the flip of a switch hiring becomes more difficult and qualified candidates become harder to recruit.  I saw this happen in March 2005 and in 2001/2002 when the market went from a client driven market to a candidate driven market and hiring managers and recruiters alike were scratching their heads asking themselves what had happened.  All of a sudden candidates were getting two and three offers while those doing the sourcing were still in the client driven market mode.

As Abraham Lincoln said, the future comes one day at a time.  Today, as I am talking with my clients, hiring managers and internal company recruiters I am starting to hear that old familiar moan of  “Where have all the qualified candidates gone?”  I am also starting to hear from candidates that they are getting interviews and offers from two or more companies. 

While unemployment is high, the unemployed may not have the skill sets that you need.  We are here to help you find those qualified candidates in your specific area of need.

Be prepared:  The future comes one day at a time but history repeats itself!

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