Monday, June 18, 2018

Why we do and do not Ask Questions

John Miller author of QBQ put togethet a list of why we do and donot ask questions.  I found this list to be an eye opener so here you are.

Asking questions is a skill required by people in all
roles, job functions, and professions.
Why exactly do we ask questions? Well, here are 15 reasons to do so!
1.  To acquire knowledge
2.  To eliminate confusion
3.  To cause someone else to feel special/important
4.  To guide a conversation in the direction we want it to go
5.  To demonstrate humility to another
6.  To enable a person to discover answers for themselves

7.              To gain empathy through better understanding another's view
8.              To influence/alter someone else's opinion/view
9.              To begin a relationship
10.         To strengthen a relationship
11.         To humbly show we have knowledge on a specific topic
12.         To stimulate creativity and idea generation
13.         To gain a person's attention
14.         To solve a problem
15.         To reach agreement or to "agree to disagree" with clarity 

But wait! To understand why we DO ask questions, it's good to explore the reasons why we DO NOT ask questions. Here are six:
1.              To find a culprit
2.              To embarrass and shame
3.              To appear superior
4.              To create fear
5.              To manipulate
6.              To play the victim, as in, "Why is this happening to
(See QBQ! book)

To get better clarity on these I suggest you read John Miller's book.

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