Monday, July 16, 2018


Over my soon to be 31 years as a recruiter I have planned my work and then worked my plan on a daily basis. That being said, there are always the emergencies and last minute changes to deal with; but I always have a plan to go back to!
Much has been written about how to ace an interview and get the job and part of my daily plan, when needed, is to set aside time to discuss interview preparation with candidates going out on interviews and preparing the client to meet the candidate. I cannot tell you how many times a client did not want to take the time to hear about a candidate, and ever more surprising was how many times I heard from a candidate that they had never blown an interview and did not need to have any information from me.
Needless to say, in both of these situations the interviews did not go well and Both the clients and candidates were looking to me for answers. My response was and is that preparation is the key to success.
By clicking on the link below you can check availability to have a short chat with me about how to prepare for an interview.
As in the past I am here to serve your needs, either as a client or a candidate.

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