Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Ten Things Candidates Love

Ten Things Candidates Love

Last week I posted the ten things candidates hate.  Again I do not know the author of these but I have had candidates who have experienced these good things.

10. Talking to someone who is knowledgeable about their background and who can have an unbiased conversation about options that exist.

9. Entering an interview process that is transparent.

8. Getting a courtesy telephone call to the effect of, "What we have is no for now. We value your time and are sorry about the outcome." 

7. Having someone help them go through the online application.

6. Getting a list of information that is needed to complete the online application such as W2s, phone numbers, references, etc.

5. Having an honest conversation about objections to their history and being allowed to counter.

4. Getting help on resigning and also being granted some flexibility on start dates if they have travel plans or medical issues.

3. Being asked for feedback on the questions asked during the interview process or what they felt were high and low points of the interaction. 

2. Having flexibility in the process and a chance for their questions to be answered.

1. Being treated with respect at every level even if they are not the right candidate.

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