Monday, July 8, 2019

Luck is the Result of Hard Work

It its purest form, the role of the recruiter is to enhance the lives of candidates and improve client profitability. The hard work of the process is determining the needs of the client and matching it against the wants of the candidate. The luck (the result of the hard work) occurs when there is a match and both sides are happy. A successful hire has to be win-win for both sides.  

I often ask candidates what they are doing to find a new opportunity and I continually hear the same responses. I have my resume posted on several job boards and I check the job boards every day for new postings. To some this may seem like hard work but in doing these things it is scratching the surface of the job market. The items mentioned are simply the first steps in the process.
In addition candidates should also take look at their own credentials and determine what makes them stand out from all the rest of the pool. Yes, it is hard work and the harder you work the luckier you will be.  Remember accomplishments sell while duties tell.

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