Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Resume Preparation

After twenty-nine years as an executive recruiter, I have lost track of the number of resume formats that I have received.  I have heard stories and received resumes from candidates who paid hundreds of dollars to have a resume professionally prepared, and I have received resumes prepared by the candidate.  The major similarity that I saw in all of those resumes is that the person preparing did not do a good job stating the candidates’ accomplishments but did do a good job telling duties and responsibilities in the various positions. 
I recently received a resume from a candidate and under each of his positions he listed 4 to 5 accomplishment bullet points.  He did a great job relating how well he did in his various positions and when I called to discuss his credentials I asked why he prepared his resume with accomplishments.  He told me that he felt it was important for people to know how well he did his job and not necessarily what he did. 
 A big part of business is building relationships and I have to thank one of my clients for bringing the accomplishment resume issue to the forefront.   
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Lance Incitti, LPC, CCIP

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