Monday, September 24, 2018


It is a “small world”.  After 45 plus years in and around the recruiting industry, I have gotten to know a great many people and I have been asked all too many times, “Do I have to include all of my jobs on my resume even if I was only there for a few months?” or “How far back should I go with my resume?”. Basically, you do not have to include anything on your resume. What you include on your resume is up to you. 
However, the advice that I give is to ask the person if he or she wants to start a relationship with resume omissions or incorrect dates of employment.  I feel that a candidate must set the example and everything that is on a resume should be true and factual. 
Over the past few years, gaps in employment are commonplace and easily explained. Be prepared to explain the gap itself by pointing to an activity that filled it, such as volunteer work, caring for an ill family member, or launching a business. The best strategy when dealing with any potentially negative information is to focus on your accomplishments and the value you can bring to the table.
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