Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Finding the Ideal Candidate

I have posted this information in the past but a recent e-mail exchange with a hiring manager brought it back to mind.

How to attract the best and brightest to your company is a challenge I am hearing from most, if not all of our clients right now. Then, once you find them, hire them, onboard them, motivate them and ultimately retain them become the next challenges. I wish I had a dollar for every client who said they were looking for the ideal candidate. Every hiring manager would like the perfect candidate for their open position. In seeking Mr./Ms. Perfect, many highly qualified candidates are passed over. Perfection is elusive, but almost perfect could be sitting right in front of you. Elongated hiring processes and having multiple interviewers involved in the process simply complicate the hiring process and serve to frustrate candidates with a high degree of patience.

I suggest a thorough review of your processes and an evaluation as to why you are having trouble finding the ideal candidate.

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