Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Again I would like to remind you that the items I am currently discussing are from "The Platinum Rule" written by Dr. Tony Alessandra.

The last personality style the I will discuss is "The Thinker." It is important to note that none of these styles are any better or worse than the other. The whole point is to be able to recognize the individual's style and then relate to him or her in the way in which he or she would like to be related to.

Thinkers are serious analytical people with long range goals and they cherish efficiency on logic. Accuracy is their watchword. Thinkers are contemplative, cautious and thorough. The thing that excites a thinker is reason. Everything in its place and details are important. The greatest asset of a thinker is high quality work while their greatest failing is being too critical. The greatest fear of a thinker is irrationality. They must be mistake free and they dislike unorganized people.

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