Thursday, May 20, 2010

Again I would like to remind you that the items I am currently discussing are from "The Platinum Rule" written by Dr. Tony Alessandra.

Over the last few blog entries I discussed the four personality types as outlined in "The Platinum Rule." I would like to give you an example of the "rule" in practice. I was working with a candidate that had received an offer from my client. As usual I expected an immediate acceptance but instead I received a list of questions. I contacted the client and got the answers which I relayed back to the candidate and expected an acceptance. I got another list of questions and realized that I was dealing with a thinker and immediately my patience level increased. After two more rounds of questions and answers the candidate accepted.

Knowing that thinkers are analytical it was important for me to insure that all of his questions were answered and he was comfortable with his decision.

In my next few entries I will discuss how to work with the various personality types.

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