Monday, May 10, 2010

Again I would like to remind you that the items I am currently discussing are from "The Platinum Rule" written by Dr. Tony Alessandra.

The next personality type I will discuss is the Socializer. Socializers are chatty and fun loving. They love people and thrive on being where the action is. They are generally long on ideas, short on follow through and they lead by dealing with others in an upbeat way. Socializers seek admiration and acceptance. They love to talk and to be talked about. If you don't talk about them they will spend a great deal of time talking about their favorite subject; themselves.

The greatest asset of socializers is that they are fun to be around and they will brainstorm with anyone they meet. They are highly intuitive. The greatest failing of soicalizers is that they are erratic and have the attention span of a flashbulb. Of course the greatest fear of socializers is not being liked.

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