Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It is important to note that the information I am discussing comes from "The Platinum Rule" written by

Dr. Tony Allessandra,

The first personality style I will discuss is the director.

Directors are firm and forceful, confident, competitive and determined risk takers. While their impatience sometimes causes eyes to roll, they leave no doubt who sits at the head of the table. The greatest asset of a director is that he or she will out accomplish anybody. The greatest failing of a director is that he or she cannot stand weakness and the greatest fear is being soft.

The best way to describe directors is that they like to deal quickly with problems and they might say something like "Just get me to the bottom line." Directors are rarely interested in abstract ideas and they are impatient. It is not a matter of if a director will take over, it is a matter of when. Directors are also very much into efficiency and not into praise. The only time you might hear a director say "well done" is when ordering a steak.

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