Friday, January 29, 2010

I receive a number of different e-mail newsletters, instructional materials and I even publish my own newsletter on a quarterly basis. Today I received a newsletter from "Smart Brief for Entrepreneurs." There was a short informational quote from Paul English who founded three companies before he founded Paul states that one of the biggest lessons he has learned is that customer service is number 1. I have a small recruiting company and I deal with a number of small companies and I ask my clients what makes them better than their competition and the answer I get is customer service. I recently moved my personal and business accounts to a local Community Bank of New Jersey. It is a small community bank with three branches and it is not small wonder that they are succeeding in a competitive market. When I walk into the bank to conduct business every employee knows my name and are more than willing to help with my transaction. Yes, customer service is number 1.

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